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VICO - Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Europe: impact on innovation, employment growth, and competitiveness

The VICO project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission within the theme "The role of finance in growth, employment and competitiveness in Europe" (SSH - 2007 - 1.2.3).

The aim of the project is to assess the impact of Venture Capital and Private Equity (VC/PE) financing on the economic performance of innovative entrepreneurial ventures in Europe as reflected by their innovation rates, employment creation, growth, and competitiveness, and the role which VC/PE investors play in helping these firms bridge their resource and competence gaps.

One of the value-added of the project is cross-boundary research in the interface between innovation and financial studies. This will produce novel perspectives to understanding the extent to and the ways in which VC/PE promotes new entrepreneurial ventures, and the design of policy initiatives which are effective in promoting innovative entrepreneurial ventures and their ability to attract external VC/PE investors.

The VICO project has established cooperation with other 7th Framework Programme projects: - "Financial systems, efficiency and stimulation of sustainable growth" (FINESS, SSH - 2007 - 8.1) and - "Financial systems, efficiency and stimulation of sustainable growth" (FINNOV, SSH - 2007 - 1.2.3). We hope to benefit greatly from the complementarities between the research programmes of FINESS and FINNOV and our WPs by organising exchanges of ideas and active discussion of research results.

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